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PAI Raya Gift Wangi Home Living Sonic Aroma Diffuser Set

PAI Raya Gift Wangi Home Living Sonic Aroma Diffuser Set

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Celebrate Hari Raya, fill your house with the most delightful scent!

Get ready to celebrate Hari Raya with USB Ultrasonic diffuser that will fill your house with the most delightful scent! Our diffuser comes with 6 fruity essential oil that will make your home smell like a dream. With just a few drops of the oil, the machine continue make scented mist you can have your home smelling good and delightful. Enjoy the aromatherapy experience this Hari Raya and 'Jom Wangi' your home!

Features :
A) PAI Ultrasonic Diffuser combine the benefits of aromatherapy, aqua therapy, and light therapy. This contemporary and elegantly designed diffuser also sets a positive atmosphere and inspires eveyone at home
B) PAI Fruity essential oil set capture all the most freshly extract citrus aroma is the ultimate pleasure. Get away unpleasant odor, takes time to refresh with a sweet, fresh and vibrant scent that make your RAYA filled with WANGI

Content : PAI-Raya Sonic Aroma Diffuser Set (JOM WANGI)
* 1 USB Aroma Diffuser
* 1 Pack of 6 bottles Fruity Essential Oil (Apple,Orange,Peach,Passion Fruit, Grape Fruit, Lemon)
* SPECIAL ADD ONS - Raya Greem Packet, Raya Theme& Ribbon Packing


Type: Ultrasonic  3Mhz
Water Tank Capacity:  100 ml
Water Request: Filtered Clean Water
(Can use with essential oil)
LED Light: can set light color (7 color)  
 Mist Setting: Continuous / Intermittent
 Mist Duration: 3 to 4 hrs
 Cover Area: 200 - 350 SF
Power adapter: USB Cable
Where to place it: Workspace, Bedroom, Living Room, Conference room, Office, Reception Area, Corridor, Pet Room, Toilet, Baby Room etc

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