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PAI Hand Sanitizer Water

PAI Hand Sanitizer Water

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Keep your hands clean and germ-free with Hand Sanitizer, PAI

No need for any additional mixing or diluting – our hand sanitizer is ready to use directly! Just a small amount is all you need to effectively cleanse your hands and maintain hygiene wherever you go.

 Gentle and skin-safe formula. We understand the importance of caring for your skin, which is why our sanitizer is specially crafted to be non-irritating and safe for frequent use. 

Primary Benefits

  • Killing 99.99% germs bacterial and virus

  • Sterilization and deodorant

  • Natural plant base alcohol

  • Refill for hand sanitizer or sprayer



 Type:   Nano Disinfectant Water
92.7% formaldehyde removal,
99.9% germicidal rate,
95.6% odor removal
 Purpose Use NANO dispersing technology and nanometer gas catalyst, decomposing the formaldehyde in the vehicle, rich in natural green leaf alcohol, killing 99.9 of the bacteria in vehicle, using the plant and plant essence to achieve a safe and efficient Sterilization deodorant
 100ml (per bottle)

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