DIY essential oil candle

DIY essential oil candle

There are few things more life changing than a good candle. With all this free time on your hands l, you may discover a lot of joy in making my own all-natural essential oil candles. There’s just something about the soft glow and subtle aromatherapy that comes with making your own candles.



Like with most things, the quality of your candles depends heavily on the quality of your ingredients. Especially in the world of essential oils, soy wax and wick

1. Choose a slow-burning wax

While you might not think about it, waxes hold their scent differently. Some, such as beeswax, burn slowly and release a soft scent of their own. Others, like paraffin wax, are inexpensive and unscented, but they burn quickly.

Since essential oils are naturally less fragrant than chemical scents, soy wax is highly recommended as it retains scents longer and releases them slowly into their air.

The best wax to use for essential oil candles.


2. Choose a hot-burning wick

Soy wax is great at holding onto scent and releasing it over time. But it doesn’t get very hot, meaning it doesn’t release a ton of scent as the candle burns. For that you’ll need a hot-burning wick.


3. Pick strong essential oils

Personal preference is important when making candles. But so is the potency of your oils. Mellower oils, such as ylang ylang and sandalwood, are great for aromatherapy, but you might find their scent lacking when it comes to candles. Instead, choose oils that have a strong, noticeable scent that won’t dissipate as much over time. For example, peppermint, rose, orange essential oil is a good choice.


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