Collection: Wholesale Aromatherapy Product

Explore our comprehensive aroamtherapy wholesale collection, featuring a diverse array of products such as Essential Oils, Massage Oils, Base Oils, Spa & Bath, Aromatherapy Soaps, Creams and Face Masks. Our imported oils with proper certification such as COA (Certificate of Analysis), GC/MS report, SGS lab test report. 100% natural plant based extraced oils. Buy in bulk at wholesale prices for enhanced savings. Ideal for creating serene environments, making aroma scent product like lip balm, soaps, scent candle, skincare, or resale of home living product, personal care, wellness household and aromatherapy product.  
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Q: What is the main difference between your 10ml essential oils and your wholesale-grade essential oils, especially in terms of pricing and quality?

Answer: The price difference arises from the intended use. Our wholesale essential oils are priced more affordably as they cater to commercial trade. In contrast, the 10ml essential oils, with a higher price point, are pure and therapeutic-grade that commonly use by personal care, aromatherapies, massage therapies and clinical use.

 Q: Can you share about the quality of your wholesale essential oils?

Answer: Our wholesale essential oils are categorized as nature-identical oils, ensuring they remain 100% natural without chemical constituents or synthetic fragrances. These oils are primarily designed for the flavor, fragrance, and hygiene industry, where a botanically pure product is less critical, and consistency and affordability are paramount.

Q: Can you provide an example to illustrate the difference in constituents between the two types of essential oils you offer? 

Answer: Sure. I use Bergamot Essential oil as an example. Our 10ml Bergamot oil captures its main constituents, Limonene and linalyl acetate, 100% exclusively from Bergamot peel skin. In contrast, the commercial-grade Bergamot oil also contains Limonene and linalyl acetate, 50%-60% from Bergamot peel skin and balance may source some of these constituents from other natural fruit skins, while still remaining natural and effective.

 In summary, our 10ml essential oils are crafted for those seeking the purest and most potent therapeutic essential oils, while our wholesale-grade essential oils are tailored to the specific needs of the commercial trade industry, providing a cost-effective yet natural solution.