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PAI Portable Auto Sanitizer Dispenser Set

PAI Portable Auto Sanitizer Dispenser Set

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PAI Auto Dispenser Sanitize Hand & Object Touch-less disinfectant germ bacterial virus in a second

PAI Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser is an infrared motion sensor-based dispenser come with PAI disinfectant water. It has a touch-less operation, which makes use an easy   in sanitization process. USB Rechargeable, compact in size suitable to place everywhere 


Primary Benefits

  • contactless sanitizing hand and object

  • Killing 99.99% germs bacterial and virus

  • Sterilization and deodorant

  • Natural plant base alcohol

  • Easy maintenance

  • Design mini, USB rechargeable battery, suitable for all places



 Type:   Auto Sanitizer Dispenser Set

 Dispenser tank: 100ml
 infrared contact-less sensor  
 USB Rechargeable battery

 Purpose Hand and object surface sanitizing.
 Bundle with
 Disinfectant Water (100ml)
 Suitable  Place at receptionist area, front desk, work place, door entrance, toilet

For external use only. May cause inflammation to open wound. Avoid contact with eyes. If contacted rinse off thoroughly with water. Keep out reach of children.

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