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PAI Embrace Beauty Wellness Gift Set

PAI Embrace Beauty Wellness Gift Set

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 you deserve the best! Embrace your beauty this mother's day with our special gift set

Our organic soap and rose massage oil nourish your skin while the essential oil combine to create a luxurious spa-like experience and perfect for filling any room with scented bliss. Keep the relaxation going with our natural flowering tea.

Our all-natural ingredients are carefully sourced for purity, leaving you free to thoroughly joyful in the scent of rose Floral aroma, mild-tasting with a sweet note all in selection for the very best in unique prefect gift set for special event, anniversary, birthday or that special someone. 


This gift set includes:  

  • FRUITY ESSENTIAL OIL : capture all the most freshly extract citrus aroma is the ultimate pleasure for mixing own dedicate scent of love

  • JAPANESE CYPRESS WOOD DIFFUSER: This unique essential oil wood diffuser is made from Japanese cypress, a beautiful natural wood material. Wood diffuser absorbs essential oils and naturally disperses the aroma into your living or workspace for a serene environment
  • ROSE MASSAGE OIL : Sprinkle a few drops of Rose massage oil gently massage on scalp and head & body work. PAI rose massage oil will bring back memories of warm love and romantic, ,tranquil meditation by candlelight all found in one perfect product! 

  • ORGANIC HANDMADE SOAP :  Pampered your skin with high quality organic ingredients and has no synthetic chemicals. It's gentle for your skin, effective in cleaning and caring for it.

  • ROSE FLOWER TEA :  Recharge with Rose Flower Tea to help prevent stress and other daily concerns from sapping away at your immune system or delicate mood

  • Theme Decoration with ribbon and props 

  • Personalized message and Greeting Card included

  • Package Size: 25x16x5cm

Note: In the event where the stated items are not available, we will replace them with items with similar or higher value while maintaining the value and overall appearance of the item

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