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PAI Car Vent Diffuse for Aromatherapy

PAI Car Vent Diffuse for Aromatherapy

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Indulge in the aromatherapy effects on the go and turn your car into a sanctuary of tranquility, Car Vent Diffuser 

With its hassle-free design, you can enjoy the soothing scents of your favorite essential oils without the need for batteries or cables. Simply attach the diffuser to your car's air vent using the rotating clip, and let the power of your air vent distribute the invigorating aroma throughout your car.

Create a serene and calming atmosphere as you drive, transforming your daily commute into a rejuvenating experience. Whether you prefer a relaxing lavender scent or an energizing citrus blend, this car vent diffuser allows you to customize your driving environment to suit your mood and needs.


  • No spills. No mess.
  • No electricity needed
  • Perfect for travel
  • Diffuses any essential oil or mix your oil scent


  • Open the diffuser using the notch opposite the hinge.
  • Place the pad inside the diffuser
  • Put 6−8 drops of essential oil onto the cotton pad.
  • Clip the diffuser onto your vent and turn the air on to diffuse the aroma.
  • Hand wash the felt pad or replace a new felt pad as needed. 




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