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PAI - Lavender Flower Tea

PAI - Lavender Flower Tea

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Your favorite way to relax, detox and get more energy naturally.

Lavender Flower Tea PAI offers an additional way to relieve stress and tension due to a busy schedule or whatever you may be going through. With its sweet taste, soothing scent, and calming energy of the revered Lavender flower, this tea has been prized by Healers for centuries as one of the most aromatic and relaxing herbal teas in all history.



Premium Grade Lavender Flower 

Taste Profile:

Refreshingly sweet floral fragrance

Tea Liquor:

Light copper

Packaging Type:

Loose-leaf /buds


Primary Benefits

  •   Detoxify the body and improve digestion

  •   Boost immune system

  •   It delicates woody-floral aroma for calm and relax leads to better sleep

  •   Suitable to consume daily  (not more than 3 serving a day)

  •   Best for Relax -  Refresh - Relieve

            Directions for Use

            •  Steeped floral tea:  Put 3 to 5 tsp of leaves / buds in 350ml water. Brew at 100 °C for 5 mins. Add sugar or honey as needed 


            • Culinary uses: Add a few leaves/buds to enhance the desirable fragrance to cakes and pastries, or use them as a natural food coloring
            • Remove odors: Add desired amount of leaves/buds in a sachet. Place them anywhere around the house to release soothing floral scents
            • Skincare: Can be used to make natural handmade soap or blend with skincare product to nourish dedicated skin

            Note: The product is not Sulfur treated. Keep the product dry or refrigerated at all times. Consume within 3 months after opening.

            Simple Recipes For Tea Life

            A cozy cup of flower tea is meant to calm emotions and improve immune system. Blend your own teas with herbs with these DIY Flower Tea Blends. The flavors are superior, and you can’t go wrong with homemade!

            Add more flavor to your life !!!

            RECIPE 1: LAVENDER TEA (MIX & MATCH) -Natural lavender buds brew in beautiful teapot, added little honey to enrich its natural taste. What a calming before sleep tea!



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            Product received as per advertised, good !

            Anuratha P.

            PAI Lavender Flower Tea

            Analiza D.

            PAI Lavender Flower Tea

            Shinthia J.

            I ordered lavender tea, it come with free mug too. thanks seller


            PAI Lavender Flower Tea