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PAI RUYI Home Living Diffuser Set 如意好风水香薰系列

PAI RUYI Home Living Diffuser Set 如意好风水香薰系列

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RU YI Diffuser Set brings you GOOD HEALTH to usher the Prosperous New Year, all good thing will happen! 


Package include:

* 120ML Oval Designed Ultrasonic Diffuser

* 10ml Limited edition RUYI Essential Oil

* Oriental designed CNY Fabric Pouch

What is RU YI Essential Oil:

A special blended essential oil extracted from genus of small rubber trees native to China. Known by its scientific name of eucommia ulmoides, is widely grown for its bark & leaves which are both highly valued in chinese herbology as tranditional remedies.

Benefits: Anti-hypertension, improve health and strengthen the bones & muscles, increase vitality and promote longevity, RU YI essential oil brings you GOOD HEALTH to usher the Prosperous New Year



Easy way to moisture air and diffuse your favorite essential oils everywhere anytime? 

PAI USB Diffuser combines the benefits of aromatherapy, aqua therapy, and light therapy. Power up by USB make it easy to use it everywhere anytime. An affordable and convenient way to improve your health and quality of life. This contemporary and elegantly designed diffuser also sets a positive atmosphere and inspires high spirits whenever you need them more. It’s time to take control over your wellness with PAI Essential Oil Diffusers!





Type: Ultrasonic  3Mhz
Water Tank Capacity:  120 ml
Water Request: Filtered Clean Water
(Can use with essential oil)
LED Light: can set light color (7 color)  
 Mist Setting: Continuous
 Mist Duration: 3 to 4 hrs
 Cover Area: 200 - 350 SF
Power adapter: USB Cable
Where to place it: Workspace, Bedroom, Living Room, Conference room, Office, Reception Area, Corridor, Pet Room, Toilet, Baby Room etc

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